The mission of the Institute of Radical Imagination is

  • To bring together art, activism and pedagogy in order to transition towards a post-capitalist society.
  • To work on the implementation of six steps towards post-capitalism, also intended as six forms of commoning – of money, labour, law, architecture, personhood and education. 
  • To co-produce the institute itself as a post-capitalist institution – or “quasi-institution”– that operates as interface between the institutional realms of Universities, Museum and Social Centers.
  • To create processes of mutual contamination between art institutions and political organizations – museums and social centres – for the convergence of art and life.
  • Refusing both statist notions of public art and the incorporation of activism inside the neoliberal museum the institute will (1) use art – its concepts, practices and competences – to experiment with activist forms of pedagogy and political economy (livelihood) and (2) use activist networks and expert knowledge outside art to democratise art and cultural institutions and build cultural commons. 
  • Ideally, the IRI “nodes”  will be constituted by a loose coupling between a social centre and a museum/cultural institution even if these institutions do not figure officially.
  • This institutional constellation may involve progressive Municipalities interested in co-managing the political and cultural commons with the Institute. In this sense IRI can be also a new independent, autonomous and collectively run public body. 


The Institute of Radical Imagination

  • Operates openly, consensually and collectively as reflected in its governance structure.
  • Valorises and combines different urgencies, abilities and outputs.  
  • Is committed to actions of international solidarity across the Mediterranean and the south. 
  • Considers culture as a field of struggle and emancipation and encourages cultural experimentation as a critical attitude towards what we already know and inter-disciplinarity.