1. Institute of Radical Imagination Marco Baravalle, Emanuele Braga, Sara Buraya, Maddalena Fragnito, Gabriella Riccio, Federica Timeto
  2. Sale Docks
  3. I-Chen Zuffellato Caracol Olol Jackson,
  4. Rise Up For Climate Justice
  5. Andreco Climate Art Project
  6. Annaclara Basilicò Fridays For Future Venezia
  7. Paolo Cirio
  8. Ashley Dawson
  9. Terike Haapoja
  10. Rosa Jijón, Francesco Martone Arts for the Commons A4C
  11. Teresa Masini
  12. Oliver Ressler
  13. Mike Bonanno The Yes Men & Barbie Liberation Organization
  14. Andrea Natella Simposio Utopia Reale
  15. Noura Tafeche
  16. Serpica Naro
  17. Jerszy Seymour, Theo Dietz, Rosa Meulenbeld Dirty Art Department
  18. Giorgio Griziotti Effimera
  19. Tiziana Terranova

A platform towards a manifesto on the role of art and art workers in the struggle for climate justice and new ecologies

We want to experience, as participants in social movements, aesthetic-political concatenations that interpret creativity as a radical character of the social and not as a commodity. The participants also share the conviction that the fight for climate justice is, necessarily, a fight against and beyond extractive capitalism, even in its green version (actually an attempt to turn the crisis into new accumulation).

Assemblies & Workshops

Art for Radical Ecologies program at the World Congress for Climate Justice Milan 2023

Art for Radical Ecologies program at the Venice Climate Camp 2022