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Collective Itinerant Performative Practice


Performance September 10th at 5 pm

Workshop & Rearsals: September 9th 12-2 pm + Sepetember 10th 10-12 am

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🌿 as part of the Art for Radical Ecologies Manifesto
A project by @instituteofradicalimagination_ & @saledocks for @venice_climate_camp 2022
📍Venice Climate Camp, Lido di Venezia/ Piazzale Ravà
📩 Free participation, RSVP > Registration and info:
⛺Information and logistics at Venice Climate Camp: info@veniceclimatecamp.com

Andreco – –

An intensive workshop to create a Super-Symbiont, a collective body on the move. We will experiment performing practices in the public space; overlapping artistic, scientific, political and ecological visions we will create trans-disciplinary icons to feed new imaginaries for climate and social justice.
The goal of the workshop is to compose a choreography for the Climate parade, a mutant and dreamy, elusive and indefinable block, in which everyone can participate.
If Green Capitalism appropriates ecological definitions, chewing them and emptying them of meaning, we will constantly mutate, finding new language and practices to maintain the radicality of the contents and instances.
The Super-Symbiont is a mutant and iridescent organism able to cure as marigolds on sunburn or ferns on metal-polluted soils. The symbionte is a new Best Practice, a Climate Action to create new radical imaginaries.

Rearsal at Venice Climate Camp Day 1

Rearsal at Lido Venice Day 2