A platform to connect struggles of radical care

Structured as a series of assemblies and conversations, this program proposes to build a space of sharing, listening and learning from concrete experiences coming from different territories that could articulate the potentials objectives, strategies and reflections that connect struggles into a new cartography of radical care in the present times. 

is an iteration and a working group for the School of Mutation, by members of IRI and its network, that came together to reflect, organise and instigate a new approach to care as commons. The group consists of Elena Blesa Cábez, Emanuele Braga, Sara Buraya Boned, Jesus Carrillo, Maddalena Fragnito, Elena Lasala Palomar, Theo Prodromidis, Gabriella Riccio and Pablo García Bachiller.

Cuidado(s)! A zine as tool & methodology