RAISING CARE | Care for people

1st online Assembly with Brigate Volontarie per l’Emergenza (Italy), Territorio Doméstico (Spain), Skart (Serbia), Open School for Immigrants of Piraeus (Athens), Obiezione Respinta (Italy), Mesa de mayores de Usera (Madrid).  The School of Mutation within the framework of the iteration Raisin Care holds this online meeting on 29 OCTOBER at 18:30 CET. Join us on Zoom https://us02web.zoom.us/j/84259733096


Both ethics of care and care practices have moved forward during this last crisis. One of the aims of this collective 3-sessions-iteration would be to analyse this new tension among groups whose “care practices” were active from before the Covid-19 turn and also with groups which have been rising during covid. 

We plan to start a conversation among collectives by asking: 

  • who cares and who is cared for? 
  • what needs of “socialising care” (redistributing) are we meeting now? 
  • which tools are we using or building new because of new needs? 
  • how have reconfigured the public language/space/media. 
  • how care is becoming a term of the power, governments, media? 
  • which conflict in our practices are we finding? 
  • which relations we found among our “autonomous” practices of care and the role of the public sector nowadays? 


Brigate Volontarie per l’Emergenza (Italy) Fighting fear together to defeat the virus. This initiative was created to address the risk of the collapse of the national health system during the Covid-19 emergency. Volunteers in support of the population, together with Emergency ONG, we organize intervention teams to make our active contribution to overcoming this emergency. https://www.facebook.com/brigatevolontarieMilano

Mesa de mayores de Usera (Madrid) is an organization of elderly people from Usera, a southern neighborhood of Madrid. Facing the lack of hedge during covid pandemia, the Usera Senior Board are self-organizing alternative tools with the aim of offering support to the elderly. Through social networks and email, the board faces isolation, provides information about the resources of the neighborhood and brings mutual care support. http://mayoresusera.alonsodiez.com/

Obiezione Respinta (Italy) is a movement fighting for sexual and reproductive self determination. Facing the increase of obstetric violence and general disinformation on medical / health practices aimed at women and lgbtqi subjects cases in Italy, Obiezione Respinta have created a self-managed platform that allows to report the places where the objection of conscience is in a common map. The platform offers a free service of access to information that is commonly not easily available. https://obiezionerespinta.info/info

Open School for Immigrants of Piraeus (Athens) has been active in the field of solidarity education since 2005, while in 2006 it took the legal form of an association, with its ultimate aim being the educational and training support and the cultural advance of immigrants and refugees residing in Greece. Last year, it had more than 670 registered students from 43 different national backgrounds and 38 volunteers in teaching and supporting roles. http://solidarityschools.gr/?page_id=12341&lang=en

Škart (Serbia) Škart (rejects/ausschus/scarto) group was founded in 1990 at the Architecture Faculty in Belgrade, Serbia-Yugoslavia. Through permanent inner conflict, together with various collaborators, the group survived 3 decades as a collective which is questioning edged forms of poetry, architecture, graphic design, publishing, music, performance, alternative education and social activism. http://www.skart.rs

Territorio Doméstico (Spain) is a feminist and transborderist collective in Madrid, formed by women, many of them housekeepers, climing visibility and social reorganization of care work. TD has been fighting for more than 14 years for the recognition of rights in household employment, the valuation of care work in a system that devalues them, makes them invisible and precarious, despite the fact that they are essential sustaining life. https://www.facebook.com/territoriodomestico

Raising care – is an iteration and a working group for the School of Mutation, by members of IRI and its network, that came together to reflect, organise and instigate a new approach to care as commons. The group consists of Elena Blesa Cábez, Emanuele Braga, Sara Buraya Boned, Jesus Carrillo, Maddalena Fragnito, Elena Lasala Palomar, Theo Prodromidis, Gabriella Riccio and Pablo García Bachiller.