OLIVER RESSLER: TWO FILMS @ Venice Climate Camp 2022

English | Italiano


Oliver Ressler

September 9th, at 9 pm

The director will be present

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🌿 as part of the program Art for Radical Ecologies Manifesto
A project by @instituteofradicalimagination_ & @saledocks for @venice_climate_camp 2022
📍Venice Climate Camp, Lido di Venezia/ Piazzale Ravà
📩 Free entrance
⛺Information and logistics at Venice Climate Camp: info@veniceclimatecamp.comhttps://www.veniceclimatecamp.com/it/

Everything‘s coming together while everything‘s falling apart: Venice Climate Camp
A film by Oliver Ressler, 4K, 21 Min., 2020

This film celebrates the Venice Climate Camp of September 2019. Leaving the camp on the Lido at dawn, 200 activists forced their way into the Venice Film Festival enclosure, where they occupied the red carpet for nine hours. Making full use of the international media presence, the activists laid claim to the world attention focused on the day’s prize giving ceremony, turning it to the agenda of the climate movement. The Venice Film Festival as such was not the target of the blockade, but the activists took a sharply critical position on its neglect of an important opportunity to call publicly for climate justice.

The path is never the same
A film by Oliver Ressler, 4K, 27 min., 2022

This film focuses on two complex, self-organizing systems: a forest and an occupation. The Hambacher Forest near Cologne (DE) has become the scene of Europe’s longest tree-top occupation. Since 2012, about 200 people have been living in this forest to prevent its clearing by the energy company RWE, which wants to extract lignite. The film reflects on the forest as a living space and on the need to confront the climate vandalism perpetrated in the name of “economic activity”. The people here organize non-hierarchically, standing – as one activist puts it in the film – “just like the trees, next to each other, on the same level”.