The School of Mutation within the framework of the iteration  We have a situation here holds this online aerial session between Krёlex Zentre and the Institute of Radical Imagination on Tuesday JANUARY 19th at 19:00 CET. Join us on Zoom Meeting ID: 826 3273 6832 – Streaming online on IRI YouTube Channel – Share the FB event

Krёlex zentre
— is a fictitious art institution that does not exist in reality, therefore it is more correct to call it a para-institution (or parastitution). The two employees of this organization — Maria and Ruthia — work mainly with imaginary worlds, helping their inhabitants connect to our ‘physical’ version of reality to exchange experiences and collaborate.

Phantom Office
— is one of the forms that our para-institution can temporarily take in physical reality. The office operates in unreal-time mode, which helps keeping the office’s portals half-open towards different versions of reality. Phantom office is an unstable form that can only exist for a short period of time called Airtime.

— is the time when Maria and Ruthia are connected and able to talk about their work, show examples and answer questions about the future, the past, the universe and themselves. This becomes possible due to the fact that airtime differs from normative straight time, opening access to queer temporalities, which makes the causal relationship between questions and answers slightly confusing. They also use sympathetic communication channels to forge connections with otherworldly places in order to check the capacities of the channels and find out what is happening outside our time-space continuum. What exactly viewers will see through those connections remains uncertain due to the physical limitations of the inter-world communication system. That is why Airtime events are usually more unpredictable than they ought to be, and all descriptions are strictly probabilistic in nature.


Krёlex zentre is an imaginary art-institution and a theoretical platform designed for cultural workers with clearly multiple/mixed identities and weak sense of belonging — queer, translocal, uprooted, diasporic, fluid, ghostly, neither fish nor flesh, etc.). It is also a poetic/artistic collective consisting of Maria Vilkovisky, Ruthia Jenrbekova, Ramil Niyazov, Maria Neff and other less identifiable and more facultative members. Krёlex Zentre does not exist but rather oscillates between Almaty and Vienna since 2012.