The School of Mutation within the framework of the iteration  We have a situation here holds this online conversation with Free Home University co-founder and curator Alessandra Pomarico on Tuesday JANUARY 26th at 19:00 CET. Join us on Zoom Meeting ID: 828 0098 9996 – Streaming online on IRI YouTube Channel – Share the FB event

What’s there to unlearn?  How to reclaim a wider ecology of knowledges, and creatively decouple from the conditionings reproduced by the dominant western neoliberal educational system? As the current crisis is rapidly showing, our paradigms are insufficient to preserve life, and constitute rather a threat. institution of knowledge production are complicit in creating asymmetrical, exploitative and extractive dynamics towards other beings, cosmogonies and economies. 

A radical shift needs to be produced, and revising the education project is central in this call for a societal transformation: exploring radically different ways of learning, where knowledge is not separated from bodies, places, actions and considerations of how life can be lived by humans and other than humans- in respect of our interconnected and interdependent relations. 

How can we form coalitions and take responsibility in creating learning spaces devoted to regenerate communities? How autonomous self-organized learning spaces, and pedagogies as politics can help us shift from hegemonic epistemologies and from narratives that drive the world in our unsustainable present? Is art a tool to challenge the monoculture of the mind, the fragmentation, the isolation, and help us disinvest from a culture that commodifies life?  

Alessandra Pomarico will share from her experience as part of  Free Home University, a 7 year  ongoing experiment at the intersection of art, pedagogy, activism and community building, and from the eco-justice movement ecoversities alliance.


Alessandra Pomarico (PhD, Italy/ US) is an independent curator, writer and educator working at the intersection of arts, pedagogy, social issues, and nano-politics. Member of the global Ecoversities Alliance ( dedicated to reimagining higher education, Alessandra is the co-founder of Free Home University, artistic and pedagogical experiment focused on generating new ways of sharing and creating knowledge by experiencing life in common  ( Also a co-founder of Ammirato Culture House, and residency program Sound Res, recent collaborative projects include M.E.D.U.S.E (Mediterrenean Ecofeminist Decolonial Union for Self Education) and # Faju/Healing, a session for the New Alphabet School, a project of HKW.