No Justice No Peace is a syllabus initiated by Maddalena Fragnito and @sandra_malecane available on HackMD for everyone to contribute to. An attempt towards awareness.

This document compiles writings, reports, images, and narratives from people living in Palestine and Israel, as well as those who have dedicated years to comprehending the context.

Let’s pause and lend an ear to these voices, against the sensationalism of mainstream media and the rapid pace of social networks.

Inside, you will discover articles, podcasts, contact information for individuals and grassroots organisations, book recommendations, films, and more.

Questo documento raccoglie scritti, resoconti, riflessioni e parole di chi vive in Palestina e in Israele, e di chi studia il contesto da anni.

Prestiamo ascolto a queste voci, contro il sensazionalismo dei media mainstream e il ritmo incalzante dei social network.

All’interno troverete articoli, podcast, voci di persone e organizzazioni locali, libri, film e altro ancora.