SCHOOL OF MUTATION | Public Presentation

The Institute of Radical Imagination inaugurates the SCHOOL OF MUTATION with a public presentation online on June 25th 18:00 CET

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…on “mutation”…

As pioneered by Deleuze and Guattari, “mutation” has been increasingly used in the social sciences since the 90s to give an account of the complex transformations of global capitalist societies, which defy the epistemological capacities of humanistic disciplines and the axioms of traditional political thought.  

Its contemporary success reflects the fact that “hard sciences”, such as molecular biology, quantum physics and mathematical analysis had taken the leash in dealing with the “mutant nature” of both natural and social phenomena, being in charge of defining, predicting, taming, or even artificially provoking mutations. But the contemporary currency of the term coincides as well with the search for a radical redefinition of notions of agency and new forms of political subjectivation, opening to ecologists and post-anthropocentric ways of thinking.

Applied to the current situation, triggered by the essentially mutant nature of a virus, the use of this concept raises a whole set of new questions which our SCHOOL OF MUTATIONS should address politically:

What’s the nature of the mutations to come? Who is defining them? Which languages are used? Does it also involve a mutation in language? What’s our role in this process? Are we part of the specimen, the scientist which observes or/and catalyzes the mutation in his laboratory or both? Are we a mutant virus or rather an antibody? Should we altogether resist this model of thought?