The hybrid roundtables will take place online on zoom [] + online streaming on IRI YouTube Channel + in presence > Location/Lugar TBD Date/Fecha: September 19 17:00-20:00 Access/Entradas: Free until full capacity, prior registration by mail to indicating name, surname and motivation from September the 1st.

With CCRA, Free Home Universities, Chto Delat’s  Schools of Engaged Art Ecoversities Alliance, the Global Tapestry of Alternative, Uni-tierras and other friends in the struggle of learning 

Previously activated by a series of questions and provocations, we will consider what are the challenges and possibilities of our insurgent practices of learning, and in which ways we can commit to continue a journey to life. 

Please join us for a unique gathering and a critical space of reflection and action that we will convene as part of The  Zapatista Forum. 

In the wake of the Zapatista 421st Squadron and in anticipation of subsequent visits, a group of us have conspired to consider the importance of autonomous learning spaces in the current conjuncture and activate such a space together. We invite you to join us to think out loud together. 

Our motivation in convening the proposed convergence of autonomous learning spaces results from our sense that the Zapatista political project has brought into focus the critical uses of self-organized forms of learning, research, and documenting. 

Autonomous spaces of learning seem to be a critical way for “societies in movement” to weave struggles together. We might ask what we mean by an autonomous space of learning, how have they been used and how might we deploy them moving forward? How do we deploy them while preguntando caminando with the Zapatista squadrons and others who have been struggling and are part of “the clamor for life” in their own locally rooted communities of struggle? How can autonomous learning spaces contribute to our shared efforts to confront the current catastrophe?