A PROVISORY LEARNING STATION | artworks & films & the Zapatista coffe hour

Location/Lugar Centro Cultural La Corrala Date/Fecha: 16 September – 15 October  Access/Entradas: Free until full capacity, prior registration by mail to info@instituteofradicalimagination.org indicating name, surname and motivation from September the 1st.

In one of the aisles of La Corrala, Chto Delat provides The Provisory Learning Station for an open and porous research team to convene. 

Chto Delat’s installation is yet another tool and a mode of conveying spaces for our  collective  learning, engaging knowledge as a common. 

On the walls, a drawing of Nikolay Oleynikov represents a tree of life growing horizontally, a river of time, a circulatory system of history. On its branches, tentacles and springs we find traces of didactic materials: chapters of the book Navigating Backward. Resonating with Zapatismo (posters and prints on fabric) a map of the Solidarity Schools and their Manifesto, the 13 Demands of the Zapatistas, and more.  

Two learning films People of Flour, Salt, and Water, shot at a Free Home University session in Italy in 2019 and About Footprints. What We Hide in Our Pockets and Other Shadows of Hope: a Film in Seven Portraits, realized with the Schools of Solidarity in 2020 in Greece _testimony of Chto Delat’s artistic practice, that is inherently pedagogical and militantly engaged with communities of / in struggle. 

The Provisory Learning Station also hosts two films by artists Mia Rollow and Caleb Duarte  – AURELIANO (2012) and NAFTA (2012) and a series of posters realized as ZAPANTERA NEGRA, when they invited Emory Douglas, Minister of Culture of The Black Panthers Party. In their collaboration, we see how a combination of the imaginary of people in resistance, the Afroamericans and the Zapatista people, mix in a struggle  fought also with creativity, in both communities on the north and south sides of the of Rio Grande. 

Part of The Provisory Learning Station, the Zapatistas’ Coffee Hour willopenon Thursday the 16th and Saturday the 18th from 3 to 4 pm, to all wishing to convene, discuss, study together or share a coffee. 

The Zapatista Coffee Hour will stay open for those who wish to self organize learning processes and encounters from September 20th to the end of the exhibition on October 15th

On September 18th from 10:00 to 12:00 Natalia Arcos Salvo curator and researcher of Aesthetics and politics, shares about History and current affairs of the Zapatista Movement in Chiapas, a journey through the construction of Zapatista Autonomy, key events, relevant concepts and understanding of organizational ethics. (45 nm)

 + Did they hear? Aesthetic and poetic structure of the Zapatista Movement. The encounter between Mayan cosmology and the ideologies of the 20th century left contribute to understanding how aesthetics and poetics are an essential column of the political infrastructure of Zapatismo. (45 min.)