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As part of the opening of the exhibition “Somos fragmentos de la luz que impide que todo sea noche” editors Alessandra Pomarico, Nikolay Oleynikov and contributors: Natalia Arcos Salvo, Marco Baravalle, Manuel Callahan, and Dmitry Vilensky (Chto Delat) present the book

WHEN THE ROOTS START MOVING. First Mouvement: To Navigate Backward.

Chto Delat and Free Home University. Resonating with Zapatismo

To Navigate Backward: Resonating with Zapatismoa book-within-a-book, the first of three mouvements (as in a musical composition) is a collection of essays titled When the Roots Start Moving: Chto Delat and Free Home University—investigatingpredicaments of rootedness and rootlessness and notions of belonging and of displacement across different geographical and epistemological coordinates.

Zapatismo—the insurgent movement of Indigenous peoples from Mexico—emerges as a form of belonging, a home (or a homecoming) for our hopes and political imaginaries, providing a praxis to learn from and with. The contributors of this book, without romanticizing or objectifying the Zapatista struggle toward Autonomy, offer their understanding of the Zapatistas’ movement, of their poetics and politics within an Indigenous cosmovision and cosmopolitics, but also in relation with the current global ecological and social crises.

The book extend the research and practice of artistic collective Chto Delat, long since adopting Zapatismo as a lens to self-reflect and emblematically reminding of how the Zapatista imaginary continues to inspire those who are looking for emancipatory tools: through art, language, radical pedagogy and conviviality, as a practice of commoning and collectively reimagining an otherwise. 

To Navigate Backward: Resonating with Zapatismo is a small act of reciprocity—in preparation for the Zapatistas’ visit to the European continent, a gesture of solidarity with those who, with fierce care, leave their homes to reverse imposed trajectories, to look in the same direction and share a common horizon. 

The conversation hosted in this book by Free Home University will continue in the following two mouvements—Between Displacement and Belonging and Motherlands/Mother Earth.

editors: Alessandra Pomarico & Nikolay Oleynikov published by Archive Books and Free Home University, 2021 contributors:  Alejandra Labastida, Alessandra Pomarico, Cristina Híjar González, Chto Delat, Christian Peverieri, Dmitry Vilensky, iLiana Fokianaki, Manuel Callahan, Marco Baravalle, Natalia Arcos Salvo, Nikolay Oleynikov, Silvia Maglioni & Graeme Thomson, Subcomandante Moisés, Oleg Yasinsky, Tsaplya Olga Egorova.


  • Escuadron 421 by Subcomandante Galeano/ Marcos
  • Palabratorio: a Zapatista Glossary
  • Chronicles of Zapatismo:a Brief History of EZLN
  • We Lit This Flame with a Candleby Mujeres Zapatistas
  • The Solidarity School Manifesto 

Chto Delat

is a group of artists, philosophers, activists, and writers founded in St. Petersburg in 2003 with the goal of merging art with political theory and practice. In 2013, they initiated The School of Engaged Art, an educational platform, and the autonomous space Rosa House of Culture.

Free Home University

exists at the crossroad of engaged art, experimental pedagogy, and political commitment since 2014. FHU has been carrying out artistic investigations and processes of convivial research, engaging with communities of struggle and practice. Artists, farmers, activists, asylum seekers, scholars, thinkers and doers collectively inform learning spaces, through living, studying, and creating together.