Location/Lugar Centro Cultural La Corrala Date/Fecha: from 3-4 pm 15-16 & 19 September  Access/Entradas: Free until full capacity, prior registration by mail to indicating name, surname and motivation from September the 1st.

15-16 & 19 September, A series of programmed interventions during the Zapatista Forum in Madrid

The Provisory Learning Station is available to common use during The Zapatistas’ Coffee Hour , from 3pm to 4pm. If interested in SELF ORGANIZE an event, please write indicating name, contact info and proposed activity to:  Access/Entradas: Free until full capacity. 

During the Zapatista Forum in Madrid ( 15-19 of September) a series of programmed conversations took place inside The Zapatistas’ Coffee Hour, a space-time happening from 3pm to 4pm inside The Provisory Learning Stationinstalled by artist collective Chto Delat at as part of the exhibition Somos Fragmentos de Luz…  We convened an autonomous learning space, and discussed what that means and how it is created or deployed; we started mapping our constituency in Madrid and beyond; hosted a class on the Zapatismo movement, poetics, and politics; presented the book When the Roots start moving. Navigating Backward/ Resonating with Zapatismo (available on Archive Books online catalog and at Traficante de Suenos in Madrid); shared meals, coffees, and conversations; planned visits and participation in the Forum’s proposed activities. 

Until the end of the exhibition on October 15th, The Zapatistas’ Coffee Hour is offered as a space-time available for those willing to self organize and host conversations, presentations, workshops, films, books, learning processes.The Provisory Learning Station provides tables and chairs, a temporary collective library, two flat screens, coffee. please bring your own tools to assemble!
We hope this can be a way to continue weaving our relations and struggles, learning together – otherwise.

The organization, communication, promotion of these events repose entirely on those proposing them, according to availability of space and previous coordination with IRI associates who will mediate with Centro Cultural La Corrala. If interested, please write to

Zapatista CofFee Hour with Natalia Arcos, La Corrala Madrid, September 2021