Practices of Insurgent Imagination

The Zapatista Forum

Madrid, 16 – 17 – 18 – 19 September 2021
On the Precipice of Time, courtesy of Mao Mollona 2021, Watercolor and ink on paper 210mm x 297mm
On the Precipice of Time, courtesy of Mao Mollona 2021, Watercolor and ink on paper 210mm x 297mm

a four-days programme scheduled on and around the arrival of the Zapatista contingent in Madrid

and operates in deep connection with activists groups in Madrid and beyond

articulated in the spaces of, and in collaboration with

Centro Cultural La Corrala, Reina Sofia Museum, La Villana de Vallecas

The Zapatista utopia of “un mundo donde quepan muchos mundos” – a world where many worlds fit – is not a fantasy. It is a revolutionary project, putting together conflict, practices of self-government  and the constant exercise of imagination in the constant creation of new possibilities. These possible “nuevos mundos” – new worlds – are not situated on the Eurocentric line of the linear future, they live in the different temporalities of subaltern people.

In a time of unprecedented crisis, caused by the Covid19 pandemic, the Institute of Radical Imagination aims at opening a discussion and a dialogue between Zapatistas, European and Global-South experiences of self-government sound the themes of commoning, care, struggle, institutional infrastructure and pedagogy as form of insurgent imagination decolonized from Eurocentric notions of utopia and capable of disrupting the hegemony of capitalist visions of our present and future.

“On the Precipice of Time. Practices od Insurgent Imagination. The Zapatista Forum” was conceived by the Institute of Radical Imagination within The School of Mutation as a space to start opening encounters and discussions on and around Zapatistas and develops all along 2021. It reflect IRI’s multidisciplinary collective and DIY ethics and methodology. Building on the four main iterations emerged and articulated within the School of Mutation in 2020: UBI or the question of wealth/poverty’; Militant Images; Radical Research and Pedagogy; Ecofeminism and the necropolitics of Care.

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