ART FOR UBI (manifesto) | Book launch

Art for UBI (manifesto): the book is the first volume of the IRI Series whose aim is to produce knowledge in common and around commoning situated at the intersection between art, pedagogy and activism for a transition towards post capitalism.

Art for UBI is a manifesto: the world of art positions itself in favor of universal and unconditional basic income, placing in the foreground its advantageous conditions in economic, social and ecological terms. The manifesto was born as collective writing within the School of Mutations, a project of the Institute of Radical Imagination, an international platform of artists, researchers, activists and curators engaged in the experimentation of post-capitalist artistic practices. In addition to the introduction by the curators, the volume contains the contributions of diverse artists, theorists and activists addressing UBI in the panorama of the generalized precariousness of artistic work, the demand for income in trans-feminist and decolonial struggles, mutualism practices in the independent art scene, the relationship between finance, fabulation and crypto philosophy.

The volume includes the dramaturgy of Una Renta, Muchos Mundos / One Income, Many Worlds, a performative investigation by IRI on the subject of income conducted in Madrid involving a diverse sample of residents. The performance was staged at the Reina Sofia Museum in the framework of the program On The Precipice of Time. Practices of insurgent imagination. The Zapatista Forum in September 2021.

The book is published by bruno

Contributors: Emanuele Braga, Kuba Szreder, Ilenia Caleo, Maddalena Fragnito and Raising Care Assembly, Gabriela Cabaña and Julio Linares, Erik Bordeleau.

Edited by: Marco Baravalle, Emanuele Braga, Gabriella Riccio (Institute of Radical Imagination)

Art for UBI (manifesto) will be launched in Milan during the panel L’Arte dei Commons/The Art of the Commons together with the Italian premiere of the performance Incondizionatamente. Vita Reddito Amore as the result of the enquiry on the Art for UBI (manifesto) to inhabitants of the city of Milan by Emanuele Braga, Gabriella Riccio / Institute of Radical Imagination & Anna Rispoli in the framework of FAROUT/Base and Le Alleanze dei Corpi Festivals on September 30th in the basket court of Piazza Selinunte in the neighborhood of San Siro.

To purchase the publication please contact bruno, Venice