Today we are joining our voices to countless others who are refusing to stay silent about Israel’s ongoing genocide in Gaza. We call on all European institutions and governments to break from their inaction and make every effort to prevent the continued massacre of Palestinians in Gaza and their arrest and intimidation in the West Bank. Silence is complicity.

As artists, curators, and cultural workers associated with the Institute of Radical Imagination, we urgently call for an immediate ceasefire and the swift deployment of international aid to halt the mounting loss of life in the Gaza Strip. Over the past 16 years, long before October 7, Israel has increasingly turned the Gaza Strip into a horrific siege where Israel determines all minor details of life, what goods enter and exit the enclave, who can travel or get urgent medical treatment. We join countless others in their commitment to end the century-long colonial oppression of Palestine and the dismantling of Israel’s apartheid regime.

We stand with protesters around the world, as well as inside Israel, that call for an end to the Zionist occupation.

We stand against the worldwide perpetuation of a colonial industrial complex that reproduces itself through the suppression of freedom of speech and democratic assembly, and the employment of various forms of censorship that have infiltrated our political and cultural institutions.

Where hatred and ethnic cleansing prevail, the path of struggle is r/existence. We join our voices in calling for the decolonization of Palestine.

  1. Institute of Radical Imagination
  2. Sara Buraya Boned, cultural worker Madrid, Spain
  3. Gabriella Riccio, artist, Naples, Italy
  4. Emanuele Braga, artistt and researcher, Milan, Italy
  5. Maddalena Fragnito, artist and feminist militant researcher, Milan/London, Italy/UK
  6. Marco Baravalle, researcher and curator, Venice, Italy
  7. gregory sholette, artist/writer/educator/troublemaker, NYC USA
  8. Philip Rizk, film-maker, Berlin/Cairo
  9. Theo Prodromidis, artist, Athen, Greece
  10. Federica Timeto, antispeciesist feminist., Venice, Italy
  11. Zdenka Badovinac, Slovenia
  12. Ana Škegro, curator, Zagreb, Croatia
  13. Debra Solomon, University of Amsterdam / Urban Planning, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
  14. Alja Gudzevic, literary translator, editor, Athens, Greece
  15. Gloria Luca, Artist, Spain
  16. Simona Barbera, Artist, Oslo / Genova
  17. Gemma Medina, Curator and art educator, Eindhoven/The Netherlands
  18. Marija Šević, Visual artist, Serbia
  19. Özge Açıkkol, artist, Berlin / Germany
  20. Carola Spadoni, Artist and Filmmaker, Berlin, Germany
  21. Ana Campillos Sánchez-Camacho, Cultural worker, Madrid, Spain
  22. Dimitra Laina, visual artist, Greece
  23. Nina ter Laan, Postdoctoral Researcher, Utrecht, the Netherlands
  24. Agnese Politi, PhD – CSM ual, London
  25. Anja Dimitrijević, Iuav University in Venice, coordination in theatre and performing arts, Italy/Serbia
  26. Liviana Angeloni, Artist, Italy
  27. Manuela Pedrón Nicolau, Researcher, curator, Madrid/ Spain
  28. Carolina Ruiz, Programadora musical, España
  29. Elena Lara, Cultural worker, Granada, Spain
  30. Jaime González Cela, Curator, Madrid/España
  31. Sergio, Art historian, Madrid/Spain
  32. África Ruiz, Artist/Cultural worker, Ceuta
  33. Carmen, student, Madrid, Spain
  34. Francisco Luis Ruiz Zea, student, Córdoba/Spain
  35. Giulia, Curator, Turin, Italy
  36. M. Rosario Calderero Hernández, Cocinera, Ciudad Real / España
  37. Iris Sofía Hernández Gómez, Cultural Worker, Madrid, Spain, Italy
  38. Eleanna Massala, Architect, Chania
  39. Phaedra Vokali, filmmaker, Athens/Greece
  40. Teresa Cos, Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven/Netherlands
  41. José Cardoso, Designer, Ecuador.
  42. Neil Nayi, Unemployed, New York, USA
  43. Chiara Garbellotto, Antropologa/Lavoratrice culturale, Berlin/Germany
  44. Elisabetta Consonni, Artist, Italy
  45. Elena Ghizzo, Feminist activist, Italy
  46. Raja, Researcher, Italy
  47. Adam Holton, Human. Artist., Cei Newydd / Cymru
  48. Greta De Marchi, Art curator, Milan, Italy
  49. Guillermo Cobo, Librarian / Biblioteca Museo Reina Sofía, Madrid, Spain
  50. Naik M’Sili, Cultural worker, Marseille, France
  51. Elena Lasala, cultural worker, Barcelona, Spain
  52. Margherita Falqui, cultural worker, Italy
  53. Néstor Navarro, cultural worker, Madrid, Spain
  54. Martina Riescher, multidisciplinary artist, development of community art projects, Italy/Germany
  55. Francis Ball, MD, Leiden, The Netherlands
  56. Feliciano Castaño Villar, education worker, social anthropologist, Andalucía, Spain
  57. Rita Barreirea, Researcher/ Cultural Worker, Lisbon/ Portugal
  58. Cassandra Fontana, Università di Firenze, Bologna, Italy
  59. Nagham Abu Assaf, Artist, Amsterdam/ The Netherlands
  60. Asker Bryld Staunæs, artist and researcher, Aarhus, Denmark