INCONDIZIONATAMENTE Vita Reddito Amore | Performance

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Basket Court, Piazza Selinunte Milan | September 30th 2022 at 6 pm followed by the Panel The Art of the Commons + October 1st 2022 at 5 pm | In the framework of FAROUT Festival/Base MIlano & Walk the red line Festival/Le Alleanze dei Corpi


Anna Rispoli

for the Wiener Festwochen 2021

Emanuele Braga, Gabriella Riccio (Institute of Radical Imagination) & Anna Rispoli


Emanuele Braga, Gabriella Riccio (Institute of Radical Imagination) & Anna Rispoli + 11 inhabitants of Milan


Laila Sit Aboha, Iman Salem


Samuel Adoma, Fabrizio Bassani, Nadia Belatik, Ale Cane, Ivan Carozzi, Yuri Simone D’Ostuni, Osasele Eromosele/Iman Salem, Simona Franzé, Federico Fumagalli, Roberto Mastroianni/Lorenzo Fidanzi, Vincenzo Pizzolante/Dario Leone, Gabriella Riccio e Anna Rispoli.


Institute of Radical Imagination


Base Milano, Le Alleanze dei Corpi, Landscape Choreography

Credits Incondizionatamente


What would the world be like if everyone had enough money to lead a worthy life? What if everyone got a universal and unconditional basic income?

Starting from the Art for UBI (manifesto), IRI proposes discussions on the role that art and the world of cultural production should have in the struggle for financial redistribution based on mutualism, on the methods of self-management of resources, on access to the means of production. and other solidarity practices.

With performance UNCONDITIONALLY. Life Income Love, people of different backgrounds and working conditions gather in a choreographed assembly to discuss the impact that a universal and unconditional income would have on their lives. Is the RBUI a “simple” financial measure or a fundamental tool for a radical alternative to the neoliberal reality in which we live? What would it be like if income and working hours weren’t linked? If you could say no to the blackmail of precariousness? End the race and gender asymmetries so common in today’s labor market? Detoxify the planet from ecologically dangerous jobs? Caring and helping each other in the face of the endless invitation to be competitive individuals? These are some of the questions that inspire public dialogue.

On this occasion, an IRI team worked to adapt Anna Rispoli’s proposal and produce a performance that takes up these lines through a series of interviews with a group of people who live and work in Milan and who are interpreters of this representation.

Emanuele Braga
Gabriella Riccio
Anna Rispoli

Emanuele Braga is an artist, theorist and activist. Co-founder of the MACAO assembly of artists (2012), as well as of the dance company Balletto Civile (2003), of the contemporary art project Rhaze (2011), Landscape Choreography (2012), and member of the Institute of Radical Imagination. His research focuses on alternative models of cultural production, processes of social transformation in relation to digital technologies, political economy, labor rights and the institution of the commons.

Gabriella Riccio, choreographer and performer artist lives between Naples and Madrid. She founded Caosmos (2001) and ciagabriellariccio (2003). She is an activist in the movement of commons and self-governing cultural spaces, she is an “inhabitant” of L’Asilo-Ex Asilo Filangieri in Naples (2012) and co-founder member of the Institute of Radical Imagination (2018). Gabriella works at the intersection of aesthetics, ethics and politics in contemporary prefigurative practices on the border between performance, artistic creation and activism.

Anna Rispoli works on the border between artistic creation and activism, to explore in a performative way the triangulation between man-city-identity and to test possible affective appropriations of the public territory. The forms vary according to the conceptual needs of each project. Anna Rispoli is part of the Common Wallet, a red informal de economía solidaria that persuades a “polyamorous relationship with money”.

Milan, Piazzale Selinunte – October 1, 2021

Milan, KinLab – September 30, 2021