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We start from ourselves and within the networks the Institute of Radical Imagination is connected and has cross paths with sharing an enquiry (only 5 questions!) to think together with agents committed to forms of Militant Research.

Every effort that builds common spaces for action and militancy is precious, but it is also tricky. Time, physical, organisational, mental and economic reserves feed and grow along with those of others. At the same time, the more militancy grows, than the more limited these reserves become. Moreover, it is already hard to do commoning within collective organisations, and it is even harder to act intersecting other groups, struggles and claims. Yet so many past and recent struggles teach us the importance of keeping this intersectional approach. Moreover, this is vital to face the cyclical moments of backsliding

This is a short semi-permanent self-inquiry with which we want to try to ask questions together rather than count the answers. We do this starting from and around our nodes and we hope you want to join us.