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Location / Lugar: Museo Reina Sofia, Jardin Edificio Sabatini Date / Fecha: September 17, 18:00 Language / Idioma: Español Access / Entradas: Free until full capacity, free tickets available from Reina Sofia Museum website (here) from September 15

the performance introduces the Art for UBI #3 | assembly at 19:00

Based on an idea by / Basado en una idea de Anna Rispoli

Concept Concepto Marco Baravalle, Elena Blesa, Emanuele Braga, Sara Buraya Boned, Gabriella Riccio, Anna Rispoli

Text / Texto Marco Baravalle, Elena Blesa, Emanuele Braga, Gabriella Riccio, Anna Rispoli and 14 citizens of Madrid and Barcelona

Direction / Dirección: Gabriella Riccio

Research & Interviews / Investigación y Entrevistas: Gabriella Riccio with the collaboration of Ana Campillos, Maite Gandulfo, Maria Mallol, Celina Poloni

With the support of / Apoyan Hablarenarte / Planta Alta

With the participation of / Con la participación de: Miguel Ángel Álvarez Tornero, Andrei Alexandru Mazga, Sara Babiker Moreno, Elena Blesa Cabéz, Amalia Caballero, José Antonio Campillos Martín-Consuegra, Constanza Cisneros, Ana Gutiérrez Borreguero, Sebastián Laina, Mar Núñez, Lucía Núñez Ortega, Gabriella Riccio, Juan Manuel Rodriguez, Hella Spinelli

A production by / Una producción de: Institute of Radical Imagination, FfAI Foundation for the Arts Activities / Museo Reina Sofia

One income, many worlds

Sabatini Gardens, Museo Reina Sofía, Madrid, September 21, 2021

Con el Manifiesto ART FOR UBI [Arte por la Renta Básica Universal] como punto de partida, el IRI viene proponiendo discusiones sobre el papel que el arte y el mundo de la producción cultural deben tener en la lucha por una redistribución financiera basada en el mutualismo, los métodos de autogestión de recursos, el acceso a los medios de producción y otras prácticas solidarias. Esta actividad comienza en el Jardín de Sabatini del Museo, con “Una renta muchos mundos” mesa redonda performativa basada en la propuesta de la artista Anna Rispoli, que trabaja regularmente temas como la remuneración, los ingresos y la RBU (renta básica universal), mezclando performance, investigación social y realizando experimentos reales sobre cómo compartir bienes y recursos financieros.

En la performance Una Renta, Muchos Mundos (One Income, Many worlds) un grupo diversificado de personas interpretará una asamblea ficticia en forma de discurso público coral donde se analiza el hipotético impacto en sus vidas de una renta universal, básica e incondicional en el contexto de la actual crisis pandémica. ¿Es la RBU una medida financiera “simple” o una herramienta fundamental para una alternativa radical a la realidad neoliberal que vivimos? ¿Qué pasa con ganar dinero no relacionado con el trabajo y las horas de trabajo? ¿Y la posibilidad de decir no al chantaje de la precariedad? ¿Qué hay de poner fin a las asimetrías de raza y género tan comunes en el mercado laboral actual? ¿Qué hay de desintoxicar el planeta de trabajos ecológicamente peligrosos? ¿Qué pasa con el cuidado y la ayuda mutua frente a la interminable invitación a ser individuos competitivos? Estas son algunas de las preguntas que inspiran el diálogo público La actuación será seguida por el panel Art For Ubi # 3 en el Museo Reina Sofía.

En esta ocasión, un equipo del IRI ha trabajado para adaptar la propuesta de Rispoli y realizar una dramaturgia que retome estas líneas a partir del diálogo con un grupo de personas que viven y trabajan en España, y que han participado en una serie de entrevistas que han dado lugar a la dramaturgia de esta performance. Esta fase de investigación, se enmarca dentro del Programa Abierto de DESVÍO una herramienta de diálogo y trabajo colectivo impulsada por hablarenarte / Planta Alta que se propone accionar y afectar nuestro contexto inmediato.

Using the ART FOR UBI [Art for Universal Basic Income] Manifesto as its starting point, IRI has been proposing discussions on the role that art and the world of cultural production should play in the fight for financial redistribution based on mutualism, methods of self-management of resources, access to the means of production and other solidarity practices. This activity begins in the Sabatini Garden of the Museum, with “One income many worlds” performative round table based on the proposal of the artist Anna Rispoli, who regularly works on topics such as remuneration, income and the UBI (universal basic income), mixing performance, social research and conducting real experiments on how to share assets and financial resources.

In the performance Una Renta, Muchos Mundos (One Income, Many worlds) a diversified group of people will perform a fictional assembly in the form of a public coral speech, where the hypothetical impact on their lives of a universal, basic and unconditional income is analyzed on the background of the current pandemic crisis. Is UBI a “simple” financial measure, or is it an essential tool for a radical alternative to the neoliberal reality we are experiencing? What about earning money unrelated to jobs and working hours? What about the possibility to say no to the blackmail of precarity? What about putting and end to race and gender asymmetries so common in today’s labor market? What about detoxing the planet from ecologically dangerous jobs? What about care and mutual aid in front of the endless invitation to be competitive individuals? These are some or the questions inspiring the public dialogue.The performance will be followed by the panel Art For Ubi #3 at the Museum Reina Sofia. 

On this occasion, an IRI team has worked to adapt Rispoli’s proposal and carry out a dramaturgy that takes up these lines from dialogue with a group of people who live and work in Spain, and who have participated in a series of interviews that have given rise to the dramaturgy of this performance. This research phase is part of the DESVÍO Open Program, a tool for dialogue and collective work promoted by hablarenarte / Planta Alta that aims to actuate and affect our immediate context.

UNA RENTA MUCHOS MUNDOS, Sabatini Gardens, Museo Reina Sofía, Madrid, September 21, 2021

Rearhsal at La Corrala, Madrid September 2021

RES EXTENSA | Gabriella Riccio

within the framework of the residency Program DESVÍO by Planta Alta / Hablar en Arte, in collaboration with the Institute of Radical Imagination, with the hospitality of Museo en Red / Museum Reina Sofia – Thursday May 25th, 17:00-21:00


Res Extensa is a project idea, a hybrid format combining the dimension of critical thinking with the somatic-sensory erotic experimental (experiential) dimension of physical thought; its theme / matter / object / starting point is the body in its relationship with other bodies.

Res Extensa in its experiential form is a participatory event that proposes a framework for experimentation and physical thinking. Res Extensa is proposed as a way to participate in a collective dialogue: enter a choreographic system that does not depend on physical ability, has no audience and only works through its action.
Using choreographic practices, Res Extensa invites participants to reflect from their bodies, to critical thinking, wanting to find the exception to the norm, to active listening, to sharing experiences and perspectives among them. Res Extensa moves from pleasure, it is a strategy to reestablish social bonds, re-eroticize other ways of inhabiting the world, reduce the distance and somatize in action. It does not accommodate, and it does not anesthetize, swimming against the current, it says no to the autonomy of aesthetics, it can only be experienced from the inside.

“I am interested in exploring how dance and choreography can contribute to an understanding of the political in our times. I am interested in Movement and Movements of ideas and of the individual or collective bodies. At its chore choreography moves around the relationship between body, space and time, and the possibilities of their reconfigurations. As a choreographer, my creative and investigative process develops through systems of rules and exceptions to the rule: in other words, I can say that the choreography creates systems and atmospheres where to observe the rupture point – deviations – that transforms them into other configurations. I am interested in this moment of transformation: the manifestation of the rupture, which always seems to me like a form of “withdrawal” to let something different appear, from a need, a desire, an imagination in a process that has something aleatory and necessary at the same time: allowing, welcoming, letting appear, being open to change, transformation, by letting other bodies affirm themselves in space and time. Therefore, as an activist committed with the movement for the commons, I also understand the gestures of reconfiguration of our way of being in the world as choreographic gestures that are manifested through a reconfiguration of bodies or space and tautologically of the law.”

Res Extensa dialogues with the theoretical elaboration of contemporary researchers and philosophers:
– Andreas Philipopoulos Mihailopoulos and his concepts of Spatial Justice, Normorama and Atmosphere;
– Andre Lepecki and his concept of Choreopolitics and Agency in the era of control.

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Thursday 31st 20:00 – 21:30: Summer School of Slow Orientation in Zapatism, 2017. In the framework of IRI Madrid Meeting May 2018 an artists talk by Olga Egorova and Smitry Vilensky, collective Chto DelatFilmoteca popular de la Ingobernable, 3rd floor.